Read your manga on Kindle

Download, convert and read your manga easily on Kindle

1. Download Manga from MangaEden with
Eden batch downloader

First step to create your Mobi Manga is to download the chapter that you have to convert.
There are a lot of tools to download manga from some website, I prefer Eden batch downloader, that free software consento to download contemporaly multiple chapters from Mangaeden only pasting the manga's url.
It works also for Perveden, yes sir.

Download for Windows or Debian or Binary.

2. Convert Manga to mobi or epub
with Kindle Comic Converter

Download Kindle Comic Converter ( Win , Linux , Mac ); that tool can convert your manga folder in Mobi or Epub.
Kcc need Kindle libraries, so download and unzip in KCC's directory Kindle Gen.

Kindle Comic Converter will convert easily all manga's images in Mobi and Epub format divided in chapters based on subfolders.

3. Upload Manga mobi or epub to
your Kindle

Connect your Kindle with USB and put the converted files inside documents folder.

Your Manga is ready to be read.